SpeedyNano® Platform

Unique NanoPlatform Technology for Sustainability

AgroThetis’ proprietary, patented SpeedyNano® Technology Platform, is an artificial intelligence supported prediction- and experimental design system which is based on a controlled continuous flow nanoprecipitation, significantly improves the performance of active ingredients over conventional formulation approaches. SpeedyNano® is an excellent technology to improve the product profile, extend the life-cycle of current AAIs, deploys proprietary analytics, instrumentation, and know-how for designing, developing, and manufacturing novel nanoformulae or provide meaningful market advantage over other generics.

Since the establishment of the SpeedyNano® platform, Innostudio , in combination with other Darholding companies, our technology has had a tremendous amount of success in different markets, where its novel approach has been fully utilized. These markets include catalysis, pharmaceuticals, and agrochemicals. In 2013, Darholding, Innostudio’s parent company, launched the world’s first skincare line with nano-Coenzyme Q10, and in 2016 three further nanoformulated skincare products were introduced into the market.

The technology has been utilized in collaboration with 12 out of the top 15 agrochemical giants and Top 10 Pharma. 40 pesticide AAIs have gone through the SpeedyNano® nanoization process, 9 SpeedyNano® nanoformulae being tested under field conditions.

Also, we believe that the proven advantages of the SpeedyNano® technology over conventional formulation methods can be successfully applied to the cosmetics or Flavors and Fragrance industries, like: better UV protection, increased scent intensity, long lasting effects, improved color and finish quality of make up products, possibility of alcohol-free formulations and increased water solubility.