Today’s economic drivers, such as new regulations, rise in energy costs and climate change, call for new, innovative solutions. Whilst new regulations are intended to decrease the impact on the environment by limiting the numbers of pesticides available and organic solvents usable in products, the rise in energy prices pushes for further increased efficacy in both the production and application of those agrochemicals that survive. 

Amid these circumstances differentiation from other generic actives is important and the prospect of reducing application rates is very attractive from an environmental standpoint.  The SpeedyNanoTM process that is carried out at ambient conditions in a single step procedure imparts unique physiochemical properties which significantly improve solubility, leaf/cuticle penetration leading to vastly improved efficacy and reduced environmental impact.

AgroThetis has successfully developed several SpeedyNanoTM versions of marketed agrochemical products and demonstrated to deliver solutions for today’s challenges.

Proven benefits of the SpeedyNanoTM AIs:

 NanoActive insecticide with increased bioactivity and broader insect spectrum