Benefits of the AgroThetis’ formulations

The use of ContiFlow Technology has emerged as a promising solution for addressing the challenges associated with agrochemical formulations. This technology has significantly improved the effectiveness of various formulations due to its advanced approach, which allows for precise control of formulation parameters and improved scalability. By utilizing advanced flow chemistry technology, manufacturers can optimize their manufacturing processes and achieve improved yields, purity, and selectivity. Therefore, this technology has become an essential asset for the agrochemical industry seeking to enhance their productivity and innovation in formulation chemistry.

The ContiFlow Technology Platform can be utilized for

  • Insoluble lead development
  • Efficacy improvement of marketed products
  • Life cycle extension
  • Generic freedom to operate issue (new IP)

and resulting in sub-micron-sized particle matrixes with superior characteristics  such as

  • Significantly reduced effective dose can lower chemical usage per hectare and worker exposure while minimizing environmental impact and application costs per hectare.
  • Significantly improved leaf/cuticle penetration leading to vastly improved efficacy
  • Greatly enhanced pesticides (insecticide and fungicide) killing capacity