Technology Platform

AgroThetis’ patented ContiFlow Technology Platform is a game-changer in pesticide formulation. By utilizing flow chemistry instruments and artificial intelligence-based optimization technology, this platform provides unparalleled efficiency and accuracy in the formulation process. The indigenous instruments used in our technology ensure the high effectiveness of the optimization process. The resulted sub-micron-sized matrix particles are the secret to the significantly reduced effective doses and other advantageous properties of the Agrochemical Active Ingredient (AAI). With the ContiFlow Technology Platform, advanced formulation targets can be achieved faster and with greater precision.

ContiFlow Technology Platform – Advantages

  • Saving energy and cost by the single-step, continuous flow process at ambient pressure and temperature
  • Process can be easily integrated into current manufacturing processes
  • Smoothly scalable to industrial-size production
  • A powerful tool to improve the efficacy of marketed products, extending their patentability through life cycle management.