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Our Mission

AgroThetis’ mission is to revolutionize the world of agrochemicals by developing cutting-edge formulations that can drastically reduce pesticides’ effective doses. Our goal is to supply our partners with exceptional and ecologically responsible products that adhere to the directives set by the European Union.

Services &Technology Licenses

AgroThetis provides formulation services for agrochemicals to enhance product performance, reduce effective dose, and environmental impact, from proof of concept studies to pilot-scale manufacturing.

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Technology Platform

AgroThetis’ patented ContiFlow Technology Platform is a game-changing solution in the field of pesticide formulation. By utilizing flow chemistry instruments and artificial intelligence-based optimization technology, this platform provides unparalleled efficiency and accuracy in the formulation process.

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Experience & Success

AgroThetis has successfully utilized the ContiFlow Technology Platform to create exclusive pesticide formulations for 12 out of the top 20 agrochemical companies.

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