The SpeedyNanoTM Technology is a bottom-up, continuous flow, nano-precipitation based process with the demonstrated capability of delivering unique material properties through precise control and optimization of multiple transformation parameters. The Technology Platform includes:

Advantages of the SpeedyNano TM technology platform:

The System


Overall, the SpeedyNano™ High Throughput Technology Platform deploys proprietary analytics, instrumentation, artificial intelligence-based software, and know-how for designing, developing, and manufacturing novel nanoformulae, from the initial in vitro to a scaled up production to 100s of kgs/day.AgroThetis offers its customers two business models.

The CRO model is serving to provide our partners with a state-of-the-art selection process and optimization of the compounds with meaningful physico-chemical improvements and initial in vitro results accompanied by standard analytics within weeks. Within the standard CRO contract, AgroThetis absorbs all costs to prepare an in silico assessment for choosing the most ideal agrochemical compound, charging only a moderate fee for the Proof of Concept process that includes the development of a single, SpeedyNano™ Active Ingredient (AI) in a reasonable quantity for glasshouse testing. The Proof of Concept process can be extended to a scalable production of solid SpeedyNano™ AIs up to field trial quantities.

Platform collaboration agreement model: Our comprehensive technology line enables us to work with partners in scaling up the production. Our modular units can easily be integrated into current manufacturing lines and can be scaled to multi-ton production levels.

In collaborating with our platform collaborative partners to optimize the performance of compounds for differing applications, AgroThetis makes available its Platform with turnkey, end-to-end processes with proof of principle across multiple scientific domains that delivers solutions rapidly, robustly and the means to reduce costs and improve success. We provide proprietary platforms that deliver demonstrable proprietary value to customers in areas of significant unmet need and high demand in high-value markets. The technology is heavily defended by intellectual property, including a large number of patent applications, proprietary instrumentation, and advanced informatics.