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Results and Benefits of SpeedyNano®

Technology Platform provides

  • Extended colloidal stability
  • Rapid optimization of the nanoformulae
  • Room temperature manufacturing
  • Inexpensive production
  • Amenable to automation
  • Amenable to patenting
  • Easy and seamless scale up


  • Own complete nanoformulation studies
  • No limitation in timing
  • No information sharing on your Intellectual Property
  • The platform continually updates itself based on new datas.
  • The current agrochemical climate has become semi-competitive because
    all the above companies have their own nanoprograms.
  • Insecticide amounts could be reduced by four times and still achieve the same result in field trials.


  • ncreased solubility and biological activity
  • Massive extra surface area
  • Significantly improved leaf/cuticle penetration leading to improved  efficacy
  • Enhanced bioactivity and broader insect spectrum
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Higher safety by removing flammable solvents
  • Low energy – low cost method
  • Easy and seamless scale up

How does the system work?

The backbone of our nanoformulation technology is the SpeedyNano® High Throughput Platform, which deploys proprietary analytics, instrumentation, and know-how for designing, developing, and manufacturing novel nanoformulae. This continuous flow nanoprecipitation process creates special nanostructures that behave like a solution. The unique platform technology enables us to provide our partners with a state-of-the-art selection process and optimization of the compounds with meaningful physico-chemical improvements and initial in vitro results accompanied by standard analytics within weeks. Our comprehensive technology line also delivers scalable production of SpeedyNano® AIs from lab scale up to field trial quantities. However, we are able to work with partners in scaling up this production to 100s of kgs/day. Our modular units can easily be integrated into current manufacturing lines and can scaled to multi-ton production levels.

The SpeedyNano® technology is a continuous bottom-up liquid antisolvent approach, which relies on the controlled nanoprecipitation of hydrophobic substances. The method is based on the mixing of two solvents that are completely miscible in a microfluidic environment. The active ingredient (AI) (pharmaceutical, agrochemical, nutraceutical, flavour) to be nanoized is soluble in the first solvent, but not soluble in the second solvent. Therefore, the addition of the antisolvent to the molecularly dispersed solution of the AI induces the supersaturation and eventually the precipitation of the active.

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