Key personnel

Dr. Ferenc Darvas

Chairman of the Board

Serial innovator and entrepreneur with technical background and decade long business experience. Founded several companies in life-sciences research and development, among others NanGenex, a leading company specialized to optimizing drug and agrochemical compounds by nanotechnology in 2006. Dr. Darvas pioneered in adapting microfluidics and flow technologies for producing nanoparticles in early 2000’s.

Dr. Darvas received his first degree in organic chemistry, another in computer science, and his PhD. in the use of artificial intelligence in drug design. Dr. Darvas’s third degree is in patent law. He was teaching at several universities in Budapest, Barcelona, Gainesville (FL), Innsbruck/Hall (Austria), presently serving as associate professor at the Florida International University in Miami. He is author of over 200 publications, co-editor of 25 books, inventor of over 100 patents, founder and Editorial Board member at the J. Flow Chemistry. Co-founder of the International QSAR Society, Society for Biomolecular Screening (SBS, today SLAS), Society for Flow Chemistry, where he is the Chairman.

Dr. Genoveva Filipcsei


She is a life science and biotech professional with 15+ years diverse experience in emerging and medium-sized life science, biotech, pharma and agro. Her key areas of expertise include advanced technology platform innovation, asset in-licensing, research and development, intellectual property management in pharma and agrochemical sectors. She holds MSC and PhD in Chemistry. She is author of over 50 publications, 5 book chapters, inventor of over 20 patents. She owns Polányi Price of Hungarian Academy of Sciences (2009), Bolyai Plaquette of Hungarian Academy of Sciences (2007) and Young Inventor of 2005, Hungary.

Dr. Attila Pavláth

Board Member

Dr. Pavlath received his diploma in Chemical Engineering in 1952 from the Technical University of Budapest and his doctorate from the Hungarian Academy of Science in 1955. He was elected in 2000 to lead the American Chemical Society, the world largest scientific Society (160,000 members) as its President. He was elected to the Hungarian Academy of Science in 2004. Sixty-four years of involvement in research at academic, government and industrial organizations. Internationally recognized in agricultural, food, fluorine, alternate energy and biodegradable polymer chemistry for his pioneering activities. He received the Pioneer of the Year Award from the American Institute of Chemists in 1997. At the Western Regional Research Center he lead a 25+ member-group from 1967 until his retirement in 2000. Since then he is an Emeritus Research Scientist at that Institute still involved in day-to-day research. He was the U.S. Co-Secretary of the U.S. Japan Agriculture and Food Panel for 20 years. He joined AgroThetis in 2015 as a Consultant Board Member.

Szilvia Gilmore


Ms. Gilmore received her degree in economics, then went on to have a career in trade and industry. She has joined the Darholding company network in 2007 where she has held various positions. In 2011, she has obtained a degree in Intellectual Properties and advanced to the position of Chief Intellectual Property Officer. In 2015, she assumed the role of Chief Operating Officer at AgroThetis, overseeing all operational aspects of the company, including corporate and business development activities, strategic planning, budget development and control, participating in the development of strategic partnerships, joint ventures and alliances, as well as platform technology and intellectual licensing opportunities. Additionally, she serves as Chief Business Officer at InnoStudio, Inc., and Assistant Director of the Flow Chemistry Society in Switzerland.

William P. Heilman

Board Member

Mr. Heilman holds a PhD. degree in Medicinal Chemistry from Ohio State University. He has fourty years of experience in drug discovery, technology assessment, and acquisition of pharmaceutical technology (FMC, American Cyanamid, Wyeth, Morphotek, Enamine).  Assessed, planned and implemented strategies for acquisition of screening libraries, custom chemistry and screening technologies meeting corporate objectives. He held leader positions at Wyeth and FMC Corporation. Between 1998 and 2001, Mr. Heilman directed the Licensing & Technology Assessment operations at BASF. Bill then worked at Morphotek, Inc. from 2000 to 2002 as the Director of Business Development. Currently, he is a consultant to Enamine Ltd (custom chemistry and screening library sales); Bienta (high throughput drug discovery screening and ADME tox collaborations). He worked with AgroThetis from 2012 until 2020 and has recently re-joined Agrothetis as a Consultant Board member.